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Our team believe heavily in the common expression “execution is more important than idea”. The execution is the people, the people are comprised of many talents and more often than not the most successful start ups are built with multiple founders.

The idea and model founded in 2015 came together from a flourishing love of the start-up ecosystem, the frustration of costly service providers and ironic lack of networking opportunities.

The formation of a founding team can be rewarding. However, it is often difficult to find opportunities to join a start-up and / or find skills to build your own.

FoundrFindr changes this.

The mission builds directly into a versatile, worldwide network of founders and finders. FoundrFindr connects founders and finders with intelligent technology looking beyond the objective skills into the subjective factors that build a great team, it suggests carefully curated education and focuses on ensuring a successful organisation gets off the ground, or gets a project completed, or gets that brilliant developer you’ve been looking for – the opportunities are endless.

The team.

FoundrFindr has ironically been founded by two successful founders. Martin and Lewis are both successful entrepreneurs, having already created four thriving businesses between them. Together their wealth of knowledge in technology, marketing and strategy have made Martin and Lewis the ideal pair to then develop a new world leading ecosystem for Founders and Finders to network in.

FoundrFindr is backed.

We not only hold the vision. It is shared with other investors, organisations and ventures funds. We’re please to showcase our investors and founding advisory board.

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