Be a part of changing the way people are connected.

Pre-Launch Opportunities

We are looking for talented people to work alongside our team and help change the way people are connected.

Product Manager

As we’re building out the final phases of the FounderFindr platform we are looking for a moderately experienced technology product manager with 2+ years technical experience and has 30hrs per month available.

We’ll need you to be a thought leader who is schedule oriented, has a diverse understanding of PM drivers and have proven examples of work history.


Our business has limited worldwide positions available for paid ambassadors of our brand. In return you will receive $50 USD per month.

In order to qualify you’ll need to be a real person (reasonably important, ha!) and have an active LinkedIn profile established for more than 6 months.


We are looking for a talented Full-Stack Web Developer and Front-End / Back-End Developers to work alongside our UX/UI team and help change the way people are connected.


FounderFindr’s success thus far has to lead to a 250K + readership within the technology and startup space. We’re looking for an editor with startup and technology experience to help with distributing and overseeing content provided by our team’s contributors to establish FounderFindr as a leading platform for innovative education and startup information.


Become a contributor at FounderFindr! We are currently searching for startup and technology journalists and writers looking to showcase their work to FounderFindr’s 250K + database. This is an exciting opportunity for an early stage writer or journalist who’s looking to expand their profile, portfolio and brand throughout the Industry with the FounderFindr brand supporting them.

Assistant Developer

We are looking for a talented Full-Stack Web Developers and Front-End/Back-End Developers to assist our lead developer in maintaining and further developing our platform to help change the way people are connected.