Education, Growth & Development

By forming a startup, you put your ideas, skills & learnings into action real time. It is a constant rollercoaster on which you never stop learning & evolving. You have the opportunity to make a change & address gaps in the market that concern you. It is a continuous learning curve, where you learn to adapt, react & adopt. Make the uncomfortable, comfortable. The challenges you face enhance your skills, provide you with invaluable experience & evolving you into a powerhouse your development as a businessperson.

Whether it be with a co-founder or a team, surround yourself with like-minded individuals & work to your strengths, the insight, understanding & relationship that will result is a dynamic that is difficult to attain.

Determination & Recognition

The drive to make your own product a success is incomparable to working on someone else’s dream. Having a vested interest, and offering equity in a project to people as your project grows will encourage and endorse a distinct work ethic of self motivation & inspiration. Thrive when there is a personal responsibility attached to your success or failure

A great team is a huge factor to your success, it is not the feat of an individual, but a team who operates as a unit; recognise your strengths & acknowledge your weaknesses. Develop your team with individuals that know their field & expertise; as Steve Jobs says, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”